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Companies and professionals need to comply with legal requirements in the field of accounting. For this reason, our Accounting Management department offers advice through a complete rendering of the following services:

  • Organisation of the company's accounting. Creation of an accounting framework tailored to the company's needs and the information it requires.
  • Advice on how to maintain the accounting records in accordance with the corresponding regulations currently in force.
  • Periodic Balance Sheet and Income Statement reviews, and information on the company's economic-accounting-fiscal situation.
  • Computerised preparation of the company's accounting records, based on the data that it provides and following a methodology to be explained in advance.
  • Preparation of reports:
                          ➢ Monthly: Trial balances.
                          ➢ Detailed schedule of all transaction journals.
                          ➢ Profit and loss status.
                          ➢ Quarterly: Trial balances.
                          ➢ Income Statements.
                          ➢ Ledger account statements and detailed schedules.
                          ➢ Economic-financial-fiscal report.
  • Period-end closing and preparation of Annual Financial Statements (Notes, Income Statements and Balance Sheets) and the proposal for the distribution of profits.
  • Preparation of official accounting records, as well as filing them in the Mercantile Registry. Also, filing of the Annual Financial Statements and of the proposal for the distribution of profits.

Our professionals are highly qualified and experienced, allowing us to maintain accounting records which, besides taking full advantage of technical and computer resources, make it possible to:

> Check the accounting records online.
> Apply customised accounting systems.
> Provide ongoing advice on accounting processes.


At ABAUDING, we believe that information is power (as long as we know how to use it properly), and much more so in the business world. It is one of the fundamental assets in organisations, which is why we need to have mechanisms to process it and get the very most out of it.