Our team of professionals, made up of graduates in humanities, labour relations and labour sciences, offers advice in all matters related to labour relations through the constant incorporation of new regulations, with current, professional and forthcoming client interaction.


There are over 500 employees and more than 50 companies in Spain that already entrust us with their Labour Advisory.

Our mission adds value to your business, providing Personnel Management outsourcing solutions and taking a comprehensive approach to it. We offer a comprehensive Labour Advisory service that extends to the Human Resources division through a strategic alignment of the personnel with your business' objectives and needs.

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The service encompasses:

  • Management of joiners, leavers and changes to employee details in the General Social Security Scheme.
  • Registration in the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers (RETA).
  • Registration in the Special Scheme for Home Employees.
  • Company Registration and opening of the Employment Centre.
  • Preparation of employment contracts, in all their forms, as well as registering them electronically via Contrat@. We offer advice on the best contract option to apply in each case.
  • Monitoring and preparation of lists of contract expiry dates for temporary hires.
  • Generation of certificates: company certificates for leavers and sending them electronically, as well as maternity and paternity certificates (RECEMA) and certificates of employment income.
  • Request for certificates from the General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS) providing confirmation of being up to date with payments.
  • Preparation of wage receipts: Monthly payrolls, one-off payments, arrears, variable pay, payment of bonds, commissions, etc. Possibility to send wage receipts by email, directly to each employee's email address or directly to the company.
  • *Asset freezes: Calculation of asset freezes and response to the corresponding Administration.
  • Preparation of warning letters.
  • Management of Temporary Disability and Workplace Accident communications (with or without leave from work).
  • Simulations of monthly costs based on different gross salaries, and simulations of redundancy payments based on the type/cause of dismissal.
  • Preparation of redundancies and drafting of dismissal or end of contract letters.
  • Generation of bank remittance files for salary payments.
  • Preparation of salary cost summaries for the accounting of payrolls.
  • Employee personal income tax calculations, based on their annual income and their family situation set out in tax form 145.
  • Preparation and sending of Settlement Receipts (RLC) as well as the Nominal List of Workers.
  • Monthly / quarterly preparation (Tax forms 111/216) of the payment on account of personal income tax withholdings, and the annual summary of personal income tax withholdings (Tax forms 190/296), incorporating the data of the professionals provided by the company.
  • Management and submission of documents to the General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS), Public Employment Service (SEPE), National Social Security Institute (INSS) and Accident Mutual Insurance Societies.
  • Assistance in the Mediation, Arbitration and Reconciliation Service (SMAAC).
  • In addition, within the Labour Advisory services, we offer you the “Employee Portal”, with which your company will have an online portal that allows employees to access their documentation and employment information, to update it, download it and request any kind of information related to their employment relationship. This will help to reduce the workload of the Human Resources department and to offer greater flexibility and streamlining in your company's day-to-day operations.