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For our firm, every client is unique. This is why a personalised audit service is required, which allows us to generate added value that adds veracity and certainty to your financial reporting for shareholders and third parties.


Through our learning and experience, we have achieved a level of service that combines the hallmarks of multinational firms (specialisation, rigour and prestige) with the essence of medium-sized firms (proximity, flexibility, consistency of audit teams, etc.), all with the support and use of technological tools that streamline processes and increase their reliability.

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We have developed effective methodology and processes which combine audit procedures that are compliant with current regulations with the application of technological innovations that allow us to objectively determine the extent of our testing, while avoiding preconceived processes and taking the agreed deadlines into consideration at all times.


At ABAUDING, we do not simply limit ourselves to issuing an opinion on the company's financial statements; we also incorporate added value into the audit work, to the direct benefit of the client. This added value is based on the following essential components:

  • Commitment con la excelencia en el servicio
  • Engagement de nuestro equipo
  • Our teams'high level of training
  • Personalised and close relationship with our customers
  • Personalisation in the planning of each audit
  • We identify problems and suggest improvements (Letter of recommendations)
  • Ongoing advice throughout the year
  • Significant involvement of the partner assigned to each client as the person in charge of the service.
  • Use of advanced tools and resources
  • Prestige and international presence through our network