Company Valuations

Company Valuations

ABAUDING has extensive professional experience in the field of company valuations and investment projects, whether SMEs, family businesses or newly-created companies.

Based on an in-depth study of the key value creation factors of the company under review, its business plan will be analysed in order to determine its capacity to generate value and to establish a reasonable valuation range for it. To this end, our professionals have the necessary tools and use generally accepted valuation methodologies.

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ABAUDING offers its valuation services in all situations where estimating a fair value is essential:

> Independent advice to Management Boards and shareholders.
> Analysis and support in acquisition price allocation and value impairment analysis.
> Valuation of intangible assets and goodwill.
> Independent expert reports.
> Support in tax planning.
> Support in litigation.

ABAUDING has solid experience in numerous industries and has the support of its sector specialists around the world, cooperating with accounting and tax experts in complex situations that require their participation.