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At ABAUDING, thanks to our knowledge and experience in the markets, regulations and practices of the United Arab Emirates and Spain, we offer advice to companies of both nationalities that wish to establish themselves or acquire companies in both the UAE and Spain.

Through the Abauding Emirates Desk (AED), , and with the support of collaborations and professionals in the UAE, we advise companies in both directions in order to meet investment needs in both countries.

The professionals of the Abauding Emirates Desk work hand in hand with their direct partners in the United Arab Emirates to advise Spanish companies on their investments and operations in the UAE in the best way possible.

Working in both directions, we advise Spanish companies and those of the UAE that wish to establish a subsidiary in one country or the other, supporting them in all the necessary processes from the beginning of the project through to its implementation and during each phase of the investment process: preparation, entry, investment and growth.


  • Preparation: Advice on the analysis and preparation necessary prior to making the investment.
  • Entry:  Support in establishing the investment and taking the first steps.
  • Investment: Filling in the necessary documents in order to carry out the investment, as well as to comply with the necessary legal requirements.
  • Growth: Multidisciplinary and comprehensive support for Spanish companies already established in the UAE.

Don't hesitate to contact us: aed@abauding.com